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Team Shop

by Janis D. Froelich

Reinvention in a baseball stadium is the lively theme of this tell-it-like-it-is book by a lifelong journalist. This is a poignant, dishy inside look at the Tampa Bay Rays 2011 baseball season when the team makes
history with its unlikely comeback. Writer Janis D. Froelich sees it all from a unique vantage point. She works in the team shop for the home stands after laid off from her newspaper reporting job. The 60-plus year old
considers a baseball career mighty thrilling as a next career move.

And what Froelich finds is a whole lot more than the tingling sensation of the muscle, sweat and steel nerves game played at Tropicana Field in St. Petersburg, FL. All kinds of life experiences explode under the dome.

Sex romps in the dressing room, puking in the bushes by the players' parking lot, bats (the flying mammal kind) circling overhead, picky managers implementing strict drink cup rules, distraught co-workers pushing filthy mops long after the game - the stories flow as Froelich follows the season.

And then there¹s the constant foam finger drama.

There¹s also the sweet but tangy, unexpected friendship guiding Froelich through the awkward chores associated with adjusting to a new line of work.

For anyone who has ever longed to celebrate personal achievements as you bond with fellow workers, Froelich finds you must work at these goals as much as the job. She captures what's happening right now in the instant world of low-pay workers with the invigorating backdrop of a ballpark.

If you love candor, you'll love this book. And don't forget to have a good time and enjoy the baseball game. This isn't wished for nothing.